The Rural Development Department of Government of Jharkhand (GoJ) has established a separate and autonomous society named as “Jharkhand State livelihood Promotion society”(JSLPS) which works as a nodal agency for effective implementation of livelihood promotion in the state.JSLPS is also the nodal agency for implementation of National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) Project in state of Jharkhand . NRLM has an ambitious mandate Conceivably, the largest poverty reduction programme for poor in the world, The national Rural Livelihoods Mission aims at reaching nearly 70 million rural households of India, It aims to reach out to all rural poor families and link them to sustainable livelihoods opportunities. It will nurture them till they come out of poverty and enjoy a decent quality of life.


  • To alleviate the poverty in the state, especially among the disadvantaged groups .
  • To contribute to the lives of the rural poor throughout the state through empowerment and fostering strong self-managed grass root institutions and support investments for the groups of the poor.
  • To bring in convergence among various poverty reduction and empowerment programs/schemes.
  • To evolve strategies and approaches for the empowerment of the poor through social mobilization and institution building for community participation.
  • To build support and service structures for providing social and technical guidance to the poor in their overall social progress and livelihood development.
  • Establish models for participatory social and economic development of the rural poor in conformity with all these objectives and prove their relevance, sustainability and suitability of replication.
  • To facilitate knowledge and experience sharing among stakeholders including – government departments, technical institutions, relevant autonomous agencies of the government, civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, private sectors, community based organization and research agencies.
  • To strengthen and form producer cooperatives/ groups/companies around key commodities non-farm products and services and expanding poor people’s participation in existing commodity cooperatives & producer groups/companies.
  • Support development of new ideas and innovative programs.
  • Foster collaboration between relevant departments at State and District level for poverty alleviation of disadvantaged groups in the state and partnership with civil societies, NGOs or/and any other resource agencies.
  • Provide technical and other advisory support to government and stakeholders.